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Permanent Makeup Learning Center

How to Book an Appointment with BTS

Beyond The Surface schedules new client appointments once per quarter on set ‘booking days’. On any given booking day we set appointments across the following 3 months. -All appointments are scheduled over the phone, 434-515-1161 -ALL  phone calls are sent straight to...

Preparing for a Breast Cancer Tattoo

Often times there will be a doctor or nurse in your surgeon’s office who performs post mastectomy tattooing. They may have attended a weekend workshop or have even less training. Often times, they use whatever machine, needles, and ink that were sold to them by...

Choosing Color and Shape

Color Choice When it comes to permanent makeup, color and shape can make or break the final result. As an experienced PMU artist, when it comes to color I match to skin tone.  Skin tone is something that won’t change over time as opposed to hair color which can...

Various Eyebrow Techniques

There are several tattoo methods used to achieve various looks for your ideal set of brows. There isn’t one brow shape that fits everyone, just as there isn’t one technique that’s best suited for every individual.  Sometimes the technique...

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