Eyelash extensions make you low maintenance but there is a bit of a learning curve when you first experience them.  You do have to get in the habit of treating them a little kinder than your own natural lashes.

  • Use Oil Free Products Only: Oily products like eye makeup removers, under eye serums, and heavy moisturizers do not mix well with lash extensions. Oily products will break down the glue and cause your lash extensions to fall off prematurely.
  • Avoid Wetting Lashes for 24 Hours: After each appointment it’s essential that you keep your lashes dry from anything that will wet them. This includes water, sweat, tears, spray tan, saunas, hot yoga etc.  Wetting your lashes before the glue has fully cured will shorten their life span.
  • Cleanse Lashes Regularly: After the 24 hour mark it’s important to make sure you clean your lashes on a regular basis.  You don’t want other makeup and oils from your skin don’t build up on the eyelash extensions.  I usually recommend washing your face with a gentle cleanser and letting the soapy water run over your lashes as you rinse. A foaming wash is beneficial as well, since it gets between your lashes without unnecessary scrubbing.
  • Do Not Pull or Rub Your Lashes: Pulling on your lash extensions is not like pulling on your natural lashes.  Extensions do not have roots.  It’s just a few millimeters of overlap so even light tugging may cause them to detach from your own lashes.  Additionally, touching and petting your lashes with any frequency will add oils from your hands.
  • Avoid Mascara and Lash Curlers: This seems like a no brainer.  Most of my clients choose extensions to avoid mascara and everything that goes along with it.  Not to mention that eyelash extensions are jet black and pre-curled so neither  is necessary.  The first 5 ingredients in mascara will break down the bond of the glue causing the extensions to fall out quickly. In certain cases I’ve seen various brands of ‘fiber lash mascara’ cause the glue to become tacky causing lash extensions to clump together. For clients who like the routine of applying mascara; there are numerous brands of mascara made specifically for lash extensions.  I sell my preferred brand to clients who need a little extra definition the week before their ‘fill’. Most ‘extension safe’ mascaras are water based meaning it will wash off by wetting them as opposed to wiping or rubbing your extensions with eye makeup remover.
  • Do Not Sleep on Your Lashes: I know changing sleep patterns is impossible for some, but if you’re a stomach sleeper who buries her face in the pillow, lash extensions may not be for you. As I said earlier, with just a few millimeters of overlap it’s important to treat them more gently than your natural lashes.
  • Schedule Your Fills Every 2-3 Weeks: It’s important to have routine appointments to maintain the full volume look that lash extensions provide. I recommend that my clients have a standing appointment as I require clients to return with 50% or more of their extensions to avoid paying for a full set.

With all that being said I have had numerous clients who have maintained the look for years at a time.  They are ideal for photo shoots, beach vacations, weddings and other special events, or for anyone that loves a little extra glam on the daily.