1. Lash extensions are applied to your natural eyelashes

Unlike strip lashes from the drug store, eyelash extensions are applied to your natural lashes as opposed to your skin. This is what makes them last significantly longer or at least as long as your natural hair growth cycle. Extensions can be applied at a 1:1 ratio, which are commonly referred to as “Classic” Lashes, or at a 2:1 – 6:1 ratio arranged in a fan formation, which are called “Volume” Lashes. Volume lashes are significantly lighter than classic lashes, making it safe for multiples to rest on your individual lashes. These are not to be confused with clusters (also available at your local drug store), which are too heavy to sit on one lash and much more bulky.

2. If cared for properly eyelash extensions last 2-3 weeks

Top photo are lash extensions after 3 weeks of wear and lower photo is immediately after her touchup

Generally at the three week mark you will have 50% or more of your extensions remaining. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent because your natural lashes are constantly shedding and new lashes are growing back in.  As your natural lash sheds, the extension goes with it, and your lash artist will fill new lash growth at each touchup visit.  For as long as you maintain the look, you will always have a 50/50 mix of extensions from your last visit, and fresh extensions.

3. Eyelash extensions DO NOT damage your natural lashes (if you go to an experienced professional)

I have new clients ask me all the time if lash extensions will hurt or stunt the growth of their natural lashes. Everyone has a friend who has had a bad lash experience and has warned all her girlfriends of the ‘dangers’. Here’s why lash extensions get a bad rap; poor isolation, too much glue, and poor quality extensions that are too heavy. Isolation means singling out your natural lash individually so that each extension is attached to just one of your lashes (what you want).  Poor isolation would be when an extension is sitting on several of your lashes. Since your natural lashes grow and shed at different rates, poor isolation results in the faster growing lashes pulling out the slower growing ones. Secondly, too much glue results in a ball of dried glue at the base of your lashes that can block new lashes from growing in. Lastly, lashes that are too heavy can cause your lashes to be pulled out or become weak.

4. Lash extensions must be treated more delicately than your own lashes

There are only a few millimeters of overlap between your natural lashes and the extension. Therefore, routine habits such as rubbing your eyes, sleeping with your face buried in the pillow, liberally applying heavy serums under your eyes before bed, and relaxing in a steamy hot tub are all very rough on eyelash extensions.  Lashes are more low maintenance because you’ll no longer need mascara or eyelash curlers, but being mindful of sleep patterns, oily products, and balmy environments like saunas or hot yoga could increase the longevity of your new lashes.


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